Monday, January 3, 2011

10mm ACW Union Troops

For my first real post, I present my first painted unit of 10mm American Civil War (ACW) figures.

Obviously, these are Union troops.  They don't represent any particular regiment, just a generic bunch that happens to be wearing mostly slouch hats.  Slouch hats were a precursor to the cowboy hat, and were more popular in the Western theater of the war, but weren't unknown among Eastern theater troops.  If you click the picture to view a larger version, you can just make out little red dots on their hats.  These represent their corps badges, which you can read about here.  Since they have red badges, they must be from the first division of whatever corps they are in.

The flag is a free download from Warflag.  Union regiments usually carried a second flag called a "regimental" as well as the national flag, but presumably this regiment has lost theirs.  My next units will probably include regimentals too. 

The figures are 10mm high, which is equivalent to N-scale in model railroad terms.  They are by GHQ Models.  My dad bought these figures for me almost 20 years ago, when they were first released!  Suggestions for a new base edge color gladly accepted.  I painted it an OD green that I've been using for base edges for years to good effect (as seen here on some of my older figures), but for some reason on these it looks almost black.

The base is a Games Workshop Warmaster base, intended for GW's 10mm fantasy game of that name.  I used a Warmaster base because I happen to have a bunch, and it is 40mm x 20mm, exactly the right size for the set of rules I'll be using, DBACW, which are reviewed here,  and available here.  Each base in DBACW represents 400 to 500 men, which is roughly equivalent to a single regiment, so my plan is for each base to have its own command group of flag[s] and officer. 

Thanks for viewing!
These are my first attempt at 10mm historicals, and at ACW in any scale for that matter, and I'm pleased with how they came out.  Constructive comments on any uniform details I may have gotten wrong are very welcome.


  1. Nice troops, now they need someone to fight. I have some 10mm ACW but don't remember who made them. They are skinnier than these, and cast individually. Also interested in rules like the reviewer was saying he was looking for. Keep going, cool kids don't matter.

  2. Wow, those are really good! And you even did the corp badges. Any chance you'll post some painting tips or a tutorial?

  3. Excellent job on the Yanks....wheres the Rebels???

  4. Beautiful figures and excellent painting and great pictures too! Coincidentally I was looking at the GHQ Napoleonic range the other night so these pics come in handy.
    If I'm not mistaken the blister comes with 24 figures, so I could have two 40x20 bases with one blister.
    I also noticed there are 6 figures wide in the base, so the minis have to be much bigger than 10mm scale. Would be possible to see a picture of GHQ minis next to other brand of 10mm minis?
    TIA and congratulations.

  5. Superb, Hope you are still going strong!