Sunday, September 28, 2014

SAGA Wooden Oaths Games

We are doing a SAGA league at the FLGS.  Players are loosely organized into two teams: Defenders of the British Isles, and Invaders (the latter being mostly Vikings.  Yesterday we did a four player game.  My ally Pete plays Anglo-Saxons.  I had my Anglo-Danes.  We were opposed by Matt's Norse-Gaels, and Dave's Vikings.

After a random draw for set-up, each pair of allies ended up on opposite corners of the table.  

The plan was for Pete and I to gang up on Dave's Vikings, while the Norse-Gaels were bogged down by some woods.

I charged right in, and killed 11 hearthguard and 4 berserkers on the first turn.  But 3 turns later, the Anglo-Saxons still had not arrived to help.  A unit of 5 Norse-Gaels snuck in from the right, and mauled my big Warrior unit.  The Vikings rallied, slaying my Warlord and all my Hearthguard.  (And finishing off three warriors with some confounded SAGA ability).  Still no Pete!

Pete's guys are almost there(top right)... Six more of my figures were eliminated moments later.

Once again, my levies were my MVP unit, taking down 4 berserkers, and killing the last figure from both a Hearthguard and a Warrior unit.

Pete had a tough fight against the Norse-Gaels, but I had to leave before the end.  I know his Warlord went down right before I left...  Here's that fight midway:

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